The 48 Hour Destination Season Two

With 35-plus years in the industry, Flight Centre knows travel. So who better to front an inspirational travel TV show than one of our well-travelled consultants? In The 48 Hour Destination, Flight Centre consultant Greer Gardiner travels to some of the best destinations around the world. But there’s a catch, she’s only given herself 48 hours to experience everything she can. With the help of a local expert, in each episode Greer explores the destination highlights and unearths hidden gems to inspire travel.

In Season Two, Greer visits 14 brand new destinations, from tropical beaches to iconic European cities, plus a two-day cruise and a California road trip. Season two returns to Channel Ten on Saturday July 21 at 1pm with Greer taking on the thrilling city of Las Vegas and the desert landscapes of Nevada in episode one.



Missed season one? In 2017, Season One of The 48 Hour Destination screened nationwide on Channel Ten. Across 13 episodes, consultant Greer Gardiner travelled to nine countries in four continents where she had just 48 hours to experience the best of the destination. Visiting destinations as varied as New York City, Cape Town, Dubai, Darwin, Japan, Edinburgh and Phuket, Greer swam with crocodiles, learnt tai chi and dived with great white sharks – just a few of her exhilarating on-screen moments!

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Season Two Episodes

Get set to explore the world with Flight Centre’s exciting TV series, The 48 Hour Destination, as we touch down in 14 exciting locations over the coming weeks. Follow our Travel Expert Greer as she explores the highlights and hidden gems of each destination, getting the inside scoop from locals. The catch? We only have 48 hours in each destination to see the very best of each city and region. So, strap in and come along for the ride! The 48 Hour Destination airs on Channel Ten Saturdays at 1:00pm and again on Sundays at 3:30pm AEST or stream on

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The 48 Hour Destination

Flight Centre presents The 48 Hour Destination.

The 48 Hour Destination is a travel series featuring Greer Gardiner, a Flight Centre travel consultant who is going to experience the best destinations around the world. But here’s the catch, she's only given herself 48 hours to experience everything she can. With the help of a local consultant she'll be in good hands to have an experience of a lifetime.

Non-stop thrills and new experiences

Explore the world with Greer in whirlwind style as she touches down in 13 different locations and is given an action-packed guided tour each time. With the help of friendly, in-the-know locals, Greer will go beyond the known highlights and uncover the hidden gems of every city and region, as she aims to pack as much fun into 48 hours as she can.

The latest insider-knowledge

Buckle up for the ride of your life, as Greer gets exclusive, insider tips on what makes these destinations some of the best in the world. Her local guides give her the low-down and join Greer in her quest to make every minute count!

Adventure, culture, top sights and more

In Season One, Greer travelled across the globe to destinations including Queenstown, New York, Vancouver, Japan, Los Angeles, Phuket, Darwin, Auckland, Hong Kong, Dubai, Edinburgh, Cape Town and San Francisco. This time, in Season Two, Greer jets off to 14 new destinations, from tropical beaches to iconic European cities, and even includes a two-day cruise and California road trip as part of the fun. Don’t miss Season Two of the 48-Hour Destination, and tune in every week for the hottest tips on some of the most exciting places in the world.

The 48 Hour Destination returns to Channel Ten Saturdays at 1pm and Sundays at 3:30pm, or you can stream on