Flights to New York

New York is an amazing city with culture, fashion, food and history around every corner. Flights to New York from Australia will include a stop in cities such as LA, Dallas, San Francisco or Vancouver if you're flying Air Canada.

What to know before you fly to New York?

If you’ve just booked flights to New York, one thing’s for sure: you’ve got an exciting adventure ahead. New York is incredible no matter what time of year you visit, with storybook white winters and long warm days in summer.

Currency is the US dollar and tipping is a big part of the service culture so keep some dollar bills tucked away safely in your pocket. Australian coffee is (finally) infiltrating the Big Apple so you won’t have too much difficulty in tracking down a decent flat white. And when it comes to transport, if you can’t walk, catching the subway is the easiest and quickest way to travel around New York City.

Airports in New York

There are three main airports welcoming flights to New York, so getting there isn’t a problem. The airport you land at (JFK, La Guardia or Newark) will depend on whether you’re flying in from an international destination or have hopped onto a domestic flight from LA, Dallas or another major city. Each airport has a good number of options to get you to your hotel, including shuttle buses and plenty of taxis.