48 Hour Destination - Cruise



In this action-packed 48 hours, travel consultant Greer Gardiner jumps on board RCI’s Ovation of the Seas for a sampler cruise from Sydney. Her good friend, and cruise expert Tayla Barkhuysen is travelling with her to show her all of the best things about cruising, from action sports to pampering spa treatments, cocktails made by robots, culinary delights and incredible live entertainment.


Day 1

11am - Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour

This 48 hours is going to be a little bit different to any others – it’s going to be spent on a cruise! Departing from Sydney Harbour, Greer meets her good friend and fellow travel consultant Tayla in front of the Opera House before they jump on board Royal Caribbean International’s Ovation Of The Seas ship.


girls walking to ovation of the seas ship sydney harbour


2pm – Time to explore on board!

The girls board the ship, check out their room and then go for a wander around the ship to see what it has to offer. They walk through the Royal Esplanade, up past the Main Pool Deck and onto the upper deck of the ship. They are enthralled with the spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. They take in the views as the ship makes its way along the Harbour past the Heads towards the open sea.


selfi with opera house behind ovation of the seas ship


7pm – Wonderland

It’s time to venture down the rabbit hole and experience Wonderland. Greer and Tayla are extremely excited to try this restaurant. Rather than choosing from the traditional menu offering of entree, main course and dessert, Wonderland offers the themes of sun, ice, fire, sea, earth and dreams. It features a variety of flavours, textures, temperatures and portion sizes. The girls’ imaginations are ignited as they sample the unusual cuisine.


Day 2

7am – Solarium Bistro

The girls start the day with a full English breakfast at the Solarium Bistro, overlooking the seas.

9am – Flowrider

It’s time to try out FlowRider! Greer’s surfing skills are put to the test on this unique 40 foot long surf simulator. Tayla and Greer take turns body boarding and surfing, and in a friendly competition they keep count of who falls off the most – this time it’s Tayla. Greer wins!


surfing flowrider ovation of the seas


11am – Ripcord by iFly

Greer and Tayla are ready for an adventure. It’s time to fly! Ripcord is a skydiving simulator where the girls experience the thrill of flying. Tayla is a little nervous but Greer explains that it’s the best way to try out skydiving in a safe, controlled environment. Supervised by Ovation’s skydiving instructor they are guided through a series of moves. They pick it up quickly and are exhilarated. Such a fun and unique experience - on a ship!


1pm – North Star

It’s time to get some perspective on where they are. The girls head off to investigate the North Star. At 90 metres above sea level this gives us the best view of the ship and the ocean beyond. It’s a little nerve racking but they’ve got this! Check out the views!
Only offered on Royal Caribbean Quantum Class, it’s a one of a kind experience. A crew member is there to point out the significant spots on the ship visible from the North Star and the breathtaking views and landmarks.


north star viewing deck ovation of the seas


3pm – SeaPlex Dodgems, Roller Skating and Circus School

Greer and Tayla head to SeaPlex the largest indoor active space at sea, there are dodgems, a roller rink, full-size basketball court and a circus school. Greer and Tayla want to try out as many activities as possible. They have fun on the dodgem cars jostling to get in front of one another and inevitably taking some hits. They put on their roller skates and skate around the space, dancing and trying out backwards moves. Then it’s time for the Circus School where Greer and Tayla try out the Trapeze!


roller skating onboard ovation of the seas


6pm – Jamie’s Italian

Greer and Tayla are keen to check out Jamie’s. One of Britain’s most famous chefs, Jamie Oliver has an intense passion for Italian cooking and it’s this love of Italian food (which Greer also shares) that is reflected in the menu and décor of this on board experience.


8pm – Two 70 Arial Show

Ovation of the Seas is at the forefront of technological design, and this extraordinary entertainment just proves it. This cutting edge musical show combines the latest robotic and screen technology with live performance, and is surprisingly intimate.


10pm – Bionic Bar

Tayla and Greer are still buzzing from the show and decide to have a night cap before calling it a day. They are joined by one of the ship Cruise Director Mike, who leads them to the Bionic Bar. They are amazed by the robotic barmen who mix them up their cocktails with laser precision, watching closely as they chat to Mike about working on board the ship.


Day 3

7am – Sunrise in the Solarium

An adults-only sanctuary, the girls watch the sunrise before taking a dip in the Solarium pool.


massage in vitality spa onboard ovation of the seas


9am – Vitality Spa and Salon

After the excitement of the previous day Tayla has an idea to help them unwind. They are of to the Vitality Spa for a hot stone massage and some time spent in the tiled steam room. Ovation Vitality Spa has everything to be able to find your Zen. So much pampering!


ovation of the seas in sydney harbour sunrise


11am – Top Deck

Before Ovation of the Seas cruise back into Sydney Harbour, the girls take a walk along the top deck to reflect on their favourite moments on board. Greer was all about the action of course, with iFly being her favourite activity, while Tayla thought the Wonderland dinner was a highlight.





Luke Wheatley
Jason Wolff
Nicky Williams
Kyla Fraser
Rich Wang
Kyla Fraser
Marty Fay
Tayla Barkhuysen
Greer Gardiner
Nicky Williams, Kristin Bonner and Luke Wheatley
Takeshi Takada 
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Helise Andreoli
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