Tours provide all the exciting locations, activities and attractions that come with a holiday. Our types of tours make it even easier to find a tour that suits your travel style, from luxury to food and wine, culture, adventure, romance and more.

Cycling through countries allows for slower and more observant travel, as well as access to roads less travelled and sights that are often missed by those more focused on reaching their destination. more »
There’s no reason why travel can’t be both luxurious and adventurous. The marvels of the world like Paris’ romantic streets are best experienced with the finer comforts in life. more »
Food, and to a slightly lesser extent, wine are staples of everyday life, but have you ever sipped an Italian merlot poured straight from the barrel or tasted frog legs inside a Paris restaurant? more »
Even adventure needs a little direction. Taking an adventure tour with experienced guides will ensure every moment is a highlight. more »
Culture has a way of defining every country and person in the world, giving the places we visit and the people we meet the extra spice that makes them worth remembering. more »
Romantic tours provide the perfect settings and activities to make your honeymoon special or turn your typical holiday into a beautiful love affair worth remembering. more »
Let your relaxation tour provide you with the proper pampering, so you wake up every day with nothing by peace and enjoyment waiting for you. Make sure you finish your holiday with nary a single care in the world. more »
Travelling with your family fosters strong bonds and lets you all share in the treasured experiences that world travel often delivers, so pack your bags, your camera and make memories with your children and partner that will no doubt last a lifetime. more »
Explore the world off the trails all together by taking to the water or air and experiencing a different side to the world's many incredible countries. more »
Don't let the festivities go on without you. With a holiday and seasonal tour you can experience first-hand the world's biggest and most underground celebrations, while meeting people from all over the globe. more »